DEADBRAND — project by Petr Axenoff. This integration is the product of globalization; brands have become some kind of fetishes, and have come to personify the dream of possessing all the attributes of dolce vita. In works by Petr Axenoff this process has reached its logical climax – deconstruction: familiar symbols have become grave stones, and the fashion industry is buried in the metaphorical necropolis. The images created by the artist are acutely perceived against the background of current pessimistic trends in the global economy. The viewer sees satiated consumerism come to an end, and the author’s vision of a new reality reveals itself in all its destructive beauty.
The death of brands is a shopaholic’s nightmare and an antiglobalist’s dream. Works by Petr Axenoff are ambiguous: subtle irony is felt alongside grief for the perished world of brands, which for many is so dear and so familiar. DEADBRAND project is a real anti-utopia, where joy is inseparable from sorrow, truth from lie, and life from death. But upon leaving this illusory art space and rediscovering the familiar idols, the viewers realize it all has been a game of imagination or a joke. But this joke reveals the fragility of familiar existence.
© Moscow Museum of Modern Art
Alexandr Rogov, Natali Arefieva
The work was removed from the exhibition upon request of Mr. Bernard Arnault (Christian Dior)
Azamat Tseboev
Petr Axenoff, Slava, Vlad Lisovets
Arkady Novikov
Denis Belokopytov, Petr Axenoff

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