Gaika performs The Spectacular Empire
Selector LIVE: Gaika performs The Spectacular Empire
Midwinter Ball
Magical Christmas Journey.
InStyle The Show
InStyle The Show 2013 is an event, that combines fashion show, visual installations, live music and theatrical performance.
Dream of Dream
Bolshoi theatre perfomance of ballet in Ekb. To music of Sergei Rakhmaninov’s Piano Concerto # 2 in C minor. Dream of Dream, Ballet in one act.
Inside Out
“Our Body: The Universe Within" is a fascinating, artful and educational exhibit consisting of actual human bodies and organs. Appropriate for all ages, this exhibit literally goes "under the skin", revealing the mysteries of the human anatomy.
Steven Seagal
Steven Seagal during his trip in Moscow visited "The Object" which is the largest and most advanced indoor shooting range in the world.
Russian FarFor
Russian FarFor — underground street-dance team from Moscow promoting the ideology of dance improvisation as an independent part of contemporary culture.
Rick Genest
Rick Genest, Zombie Boy
Reportage from the first museum project by Petr Axenoff
The Flaming Duck
Flaming Duck (an iron duck with a flame jet coming out of it's head) was built by Bart Dorsa as a present for his father, who is a big fan of ducks, bicycles and Burning Man festival.
Ostankino Tower
65 years of Great War. Slade installation Ostankino Tower by Sila Sveta. 480 metres
Jewish Museum
All museums are similar to some extent. Often it is a collection of items united by one theme, lying on display behind the glass. You cannot say the same about this museum. It is different. It is interactive.
Breathtaking panoramic views of Moscow
The highest point to observe Moscow.
Sobchak, Sokolova, Gleb Pjanyh
Xenia Sokolova and Xenia Sobchak invited journalist to dinner to express deep condolence for the ending of the tv show "Maximum".
Famous and not so Famous
Famous and no so Famous
Anastasiya Kirikova
model: Anastasia Kirikova
Jean Louis David
Jean Louis David opening, GUM, Moscow
Alena Akhmadullina: backstage
Alena Akhmadullina: backstage Autumn-Winter 2009/2010
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